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For the past few years, mixed media artist Symone Platania has focused on building up storytelling through her art. She focuses on tapping into the human psyche - the inner embodiment of emotional stigmas, traumas, the coding of our mindset and the social conditioning that can be used as forms of dictation towards how our lives are lived.  She also considers the external factors of life, the events that can make us or break us. How do we respond; what are our choices. 

She explores this through figurative
portrayals, adding elements of the dreamlike using abstract geometric shapes or glitches of patterns. Often she incorporates blocked symbols with the presence of animals and insects or items of intellectually perceived objects to show the numerous levels of existence and sublime reality that are brought together as snapshots of the dual play between our realms of physical reality versus transcendence.  She find our inner world of dreams and faded memories create a balance if we can open a dialog with ourselves. We must root out the overwhelming colliding of emotional and physical weight of life that plagues us.

She hopes to elicit a personal connection for the viewer that will allow a deeper understanding of us humans as a whole and amongst our own selves as we navigate the ups and downs of life. Through this connection she hopes you can take a journey, as she has taken a journey of discovery and understanding when creating each piece.

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